November 09, 2020

If you were to ask me, "Why do you write?" how would I respond?

I could say things like, "It provides a way for me to express myself," or "I could become famous and write the next bestseller," or "I want to make a lot of money as a writer."

Well, let me tell you the real reason I write, and it's not just because I love it (though I certainly do).

I write because I want to serve, bless, encourage, and challenge other Christian teenagers to live their lives for Christ.

Being a teenager isn't always easy. Many are looked down upon because of their age. Many don't live up to their potential merely because they aren't expected to.

Christian teenagers can easily fall into something called complacency. Complacency is "a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements," according to Google. Complacency, then, is when you don't live up to your full potential because you don't feel it's worth it.

That's what I want to change.

I am passionate about God, the Bible, the gospel, and a teen's role in The Great Commission.

I want to challenge teenagers to do hard things for Christ. To step outside of their comfort zone. To know the Bible so well that they can recognize the false teachers in today's world (and there are many).

That, my friend, is why I write.

I am working on a monthly newsletter where you can follow me and my writing journey. When you sign up, I'll send you "10 Books Every Christian Teen Must Read."

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