3 Crucial Writing Habits To Create This Summer

Wow, can you believe it's mid-June already?

I know this probably isn't the summer you expected with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many things that we have been looking forward to for weeks and months have been canceled.

But while there have been many disappointments this year, we can still use our summer for good!

And one way is to develop these 3 CRUCIAL habits that every writer needs.

Let's see what these habits are and how we can cultivate them this summer!


You've probably heard this a lot, even if it hasn't been from me: Be consistent in your writing.

Why should you want to be a consistent writer, anyway? Why are people always talking about consistency? What's the big deal?

Well, here you go: Consistency will make you a BETTER writer.

Want proof?

I started taking dance classes when I was three years old. Now, I am a better dancer because I started young and stayed with it for so long. If I had started dancing only a year ago, I wouldn't be as good of a dancer as I am now because I wouldn't have practiced. I wouldn't have improved.

It's the same with writing. Practicing (a.k.a. writing consistently) is going to make you a MUCH better writer.

What does consistency look like, anyway?

Consistency does NOT have to mean writing every day (but it could!). It just means writing often and on a consistent schedule—whatever that may look like for you in this season of life. It will be different for every writer.

I've talked about consistency in multiple posts, so I'm not going to say any more about it now. I would encourage you to read the full post I wrote about how to be a consistent writer here.


"Discipline" isn't a word most people like, but it's SO important!

What does discipline look like for a writer?

Discipline can take many forms. One would be consistency, where you write even when you don't feel like it.

Another would be avoiding distractions and prioritizing your writing over time on YouTube, for example. You're not going to get any writing done if you're procrastinating (even productively procrastinating).

You can use apps like Cold Turkey Writer to keep you focused, but you really want to cultivate the habit of discipline on your own.

If the Internet distracts you, turn it off. Google Docs has a feature that you can use to still write offline.

Some writers talk about finding your best time and place to write. Maybe you have a ton of mental energy in the morning, so you'll sit down for thirty minutes and write at your desk. Maybe your best time to write is in the evening. Maybe you prefer writing in the living room on the couch.

Or maybe you don't know your best time and place to write. That's totally fine! This summer, I'd encourage you to experiment and try to find your best time and place to write. Find when and where you seem to be most productive.

You want to be able to discipline yourself to get words on the page and write (or edit) even when you don't feel like it.


While it's important to write consistently and discipline yourself to do so, it's also important to learn about the writing craft itself.

This summer, I'd like to challenge you to read THREE books on writing. You can choose your own books, but I have a list of resources that you can find here.

Three books that I would recommend are written by K.M. Weiland. I started reading the first two, but have not finished all of them.
  • Outlining Your Novel
  • Structuring Your Novel
  • Creating Character Arcs
You can purchase these books on Amazon, as well as workbooks that go with them. These books will have some super helpful tips that will boost your fiction writing!

As for nonfiction, I haven't found any books that I would recommend to nonfiction writers yet. There are probably some out there, but I would encourage you to read a bunch of nonfiction articles and books. (If you know of some resources, let me know in the comments below!)

I would recommend The Rebelution as a website and these nonfiction books:
  • Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris
  • Love Riot by Sara Barratt
  • This Changes Everything by Jaquelle Crowe Ferris
These books are not only well-written, but they are also amazing books for young people, specifically teenagers.


This summer, I'd encourage you to 1) write consistently, 2) discipline yourself to write in your allotted time without distractions, and 3) learn about the writing craft.

You can do it, friend! These habits will serve you for the rest of your writing journey, so create them now!
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  1. This is really helpful! I've never really taken my writing seriously until this year, so I am looking forward to using this summer to really focus on my writing. I love the idea of reading three writing books this summer :)
    Thanks, Julia!

    1. You're welcome, Malaya! Glad you found it helpful!

  2. Great post, Julia! Writing is something I definitely want to focus on this summer. I think that these three habits will be quite helpful! I think the hardest one for me would be consistency. There are many times where I can fit writing in my day and I try to, but I cannot always concentrate because I am at home with my family. I am hoping to figure something out. :)

    1. Hi, Heaven! I'm so glad you found this helpful! Right now, consistency is difficult for me too because of the season I'm in. Don't be too hard on yourself when life gets crazy busy. There's a balance between discipline and giving yourself grace. ;)


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