4 Goals You Should Make This Summer

Last week, we talked about three crucial writing habits every writer should make this summer.

Well, this post is going to be similar, but instead of merely habits, I'm going to challenge you with some GOALS to complete before the summer is over!

Ready? Let's go!


Over the past two years, I've been a pretty consistent writer. But...I wasn't getting as much done as I could have because I was too distracted. I tried working on everything every day, and that was too much.

How did I fix this problem? You guessed it! I created a writing schedule.

Now, while my schedule is very relaxed, you can make yours however you'd like. But make sure to make it realistic for your season of life. (And don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get as much writing done in some seasons of life. It's gonna happen, and that's totally fine.)

Here is my current writing schedule. Feel free to use it for your own writing or make one of your own!

Monday: Fiction (my novel, Stella)

Tuesday: Nonfiction (blog posts and emails)

Wednesday: Publish blog post and send out email; fiction (my novel)

Thursday: Nonfiction (articles)

Friday: Nonfiction (articles and blog posts—whatever needs done)

Saturday: Free day—work on whatever needs done/whatever I didn’t get accomplished earlier in the week

Sunday: Free day—which also means I can take the day off and just relax

So the first goal I challenge you with is to make a writing schedule.


I talked about this in the last post: Learn about the writing craft!

Actual writing is important, but just like anything else, in order to grow in something, you have to learn it, then practice what you've learned!

There are different ways you can do this for writing. You can read books on the writing craft, or you can read regular books and study the way they're written.

Check out last week's post and my resource page for writers to read more about this!


Is there a project you've stuffed away in the corner?

In other words, have you been procrastinating on any projects? (Yes, I see you out there!)

If so, summertime is a great time to finish it, if you can! Find one project that needs finished and comment below with your goal: what you want to finish and when you want to finish it. Be sure to let me know when you've finished it! I'd love to celebrate with you!



There are several writers out there, I bet, who are dying to get their work published...but they haven't had time to write something, or they've been too nervous.

Well, my friend, it's time to get that article or short story submitted this summer!

If you like writing about Christian living, consider submitting an article to The Rebelution.

If you're interested in writing a poem, short story, or article about the writing craft, consider submitting to Story Embers.

Whether or not you've written for these sites before, submit something before the school year starts!

Well, there you go! Four goals to complete this summer: create a writing schedule, read a writing book, finally finish your project(s), and submit to The Rebelution and/or Story Embers!
talk to me!
Are you excited about these goals? Which one(s) will you take on this summer?



  1. Rachel AlexandriaJune 24, 2020 at 7:41 AM

    All definitely things I can work on! Thanks, Julia!

    1. You're welcome, Rachel! Glad you found it helpful! :)

  2. What great goals, Julia! I should definitely consider doing these, especially creating a writing schedule. I want to get better at writing consistently.
    Writing a post for TheReb is something that I have been wanting to do for a while, so I am hoping to complete that goal very soon! I think it would be a neat opportunity. :)

    1. You can do it, Heaven! Even if you make it a goal to write 15 minutes every day, that will help you a ton! You don't have to write for two hours each day in order to be a consistent writer (although you can). ;)
      Getting published on The Reb was super exciting my first time, and it still is now! You got this!


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