I'm Discouraged Because I Have A Small Blog—Help?

NOTE: Even though today's post is titled "I'm Discouraged Because I Have A Small Blog—Help?" I want to encourage you to keep reading even if you don't have a blog!

This post will have some good advice for all writers, not just bloggers! So keep reading!

Do you have a small blog?

I consider this blog to be "small." For a while, that was discouraging me. I really wanted to grow my blog so lots of people could read it.

Having a small blog made me feel like I was writing many blog posts, but nobody was reading them. It made my writing feel worthless.

But I've learned that my writing isn't worthless, even though I only have a small platform.

In today's post, I want to encourage you to fight comparison and embrace the platform God has given you on your blog.


Who said that small blogs can't make a difference in someone's life? Who said that small blogs haven't changed the world, even for one person? Who said small blogs were worthless?

Large blogs had to have started somewhere. The bloggers we consider to have huge platforms started just where we did—in a small corner of the Internet.

I can look at other bloggers and see how successful they are and get discouraged that I'm not as successful.

But even though I might have a smaller blog, there are people who enjoy reading it. There are people who have benefited from it. Just because I don't get 1,000+ people to read my posts, does that make my writing less powerful, less impactful, less important?

Of course not! My blog might be smaller, but it's still impacting and helping people. I'm sure yours is too!

And that's ultimately why we blog, right?


One way I've discovered to fight discouragement is to make an "Encouraging Comments" doc.

In this document, I've compiled comments that I've received from people on my writing. I like to add who the person was and what they commented on. It's really neat to look back at it and read through the comments and thank God for the ways I've been able to serve him.

If you find yourself getting discouraged in any way, look back at your Encouraging Comments doc and read through the comments. Thank God for the ways you've been able to serve him and encourage others.

When I encourage you through my blog posts, I am encouraged in return. I want to keep going because I know my writing is benefiting someone.

I would encourage you to try out this Encouraging Comments doc!

talk to me!
Do you have trouble fighting comparison and discouragement with writing and/or blogging? Have you tried the Encouraging Comments doc?



  1. Thanks so much for this post, Julia! I love the "Encouraging Comments" document idea--I should definitely do that! :D

    1. You're so welcome, Bella! Yes, you should try it! :D

  2. Great idea for encouraging comments section! :) I like to do these with comments on my social media, so why not try with my blog. This is perfect!

    1. Yes, the Encouraging Comments Doc is a great way to stay encouraged and motivated! Glad you enjoyed this, Amber! :D


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