How To Overcome Discouragement From Getting Rejected

Rejection. It's something we're all scared of.

I've been rejected. It isn't easy to work so hard on a piece, then receive an email that it won't get published after all.

Getting rejected is part of being a writer. It's also part of life. Not every employer is going to hire you. You're not going to be everyone's friend. Just because you try out for a part in the play doesn't mean you'll get it.

The same is true for writing. Just because you write something doesn't mean it'll get published.

But if we've been rejected, we shouldn't let that stop us from writing.

So how do we stop letting rejection discourage us?

That's what we're discussing today.

Let's go!


As I mentioned above, I've gotten rejected before. I've actually been rejected 2-3 times.

I want to give you these FOUR things to keep in mind when you get rejected.

  1. Getting rejected is part of being a writer. Every writer will be accepted and rejected at some point in their lives. Even Louisa May Alcott was rejected and told to stick to teaching! Yet her books remain classics 150 years later!
  2. You tried! It's MUCH better to try and get rejected than to be afraid of getting rejected and just not trying. So if you got rejected, congratulations! You should celebrate! You didn't let the fear of rejection stop you from submitting your work to the website.
  3. Rejection allows room for growth. If you submit to some websites that reject your writing, they might tell you why they don't want to publish your work. They might give you some tips on how to improve. Rejection also helps to give you a "tough skin" which every writer will need in the publishing world.
  4. You can encourage others who have been rejected. Now that you've experienced the sting of getting rejected, you can encourage others who are discouraged because of rejections! That's what I'm doing today.

Remember, just because you got rejected doesn't mean that you failed or that your piece is worthless.

Maybe the website just didn't want to publish your piece at that time. Maybe they had too many submissions and could only choose a few to publish. Maybe they don't have a good category for your submission. Maybe your piece doesn't fit the website very well, but it would work better somewhere else. And yes, maybe you need some time to improve (but that's a good thing too!).

No matter what, don't let rejection stop you from writing. Don't let it discourage you for long. Celebrate! Take the opportunity to grow!

A good writer never lets a rejection discourage him. Instead, he'll take this opportunity to grow and celebrate because at least he tried his best!
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Have you ever been rejected? Have you ever talked with someone who has been rejected?



  1. Julia, this was a great post, with great advice and encouragement! :)


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