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Hey there, friends! Today, I am excited to present a writing snippet! I know I haven't posted one in a while, but that's because I haven't had anything to post! Yes, I've been writing a lot, but nothing I could shareyet. ;)

But today, I'm going to share with you a snippet I wrote for one of the days in Inktober! Inktober (do you see "Oc-tober" in there?) is usually a challenge for artists, but writers are artists too! So on my writing community, we had a challenge: use the one-word prompt from the Inktober prompt list and write a snippet that is at least 100 words long.

This snippet is special to me, actually, because it's about a girl who loves ballet. I am a dancer all the way. I absolutely adore dancing, specifically ballet. (I've also done jazz and tap, which are really fun!)

In this snippet, the prompt word was DIZZY. I had to create something that would mention this word.

I'm going to share with you what I came up with, then I'll talk about it a little more!

Emily Spencer hurried to put on her pointe shoes, eager to get out on the stage. Today was the day she had been waiting for: auditions for Romeo and Juliet! Emily breathed deep, closing her eyes. She could picture herself dancing as Juliet, dressed in a flowy, pale pink dress, her brown hair done up in a perfect bun, and everything about it just perfect.
Emily placed her hand on the barre and joined the other students in warming up. Plie, releve, tendu, demi-plie, sous-sus . . . Emily knew every technique perfectly.
Now, only if she could impress the judges. If only she could show them how good she was. Or, even more importantly, how much she loved the art of ballet.
The auditions began. Emily hardly watched the other girls. She fidgeted in her seat, fighting the urge to crack her knuckles as her heart fluttered within her. This was the biggest moment of her life. What if she ruined it?
“Thank you, Amanda,” the director said, breaking Emily’s thoughts. He looked down at his paper. “Emily Spencer, you are up next.”
Emily rose from her seat and ran up on the stage, her pointe shoes tapping loudly on the floor as she went. She stood in fifth position, holding her head high. Her mind quickly went through the steps to make sure she looked all right: knees straight, long neck, stomach in, hips under . . .
The music began. Emily was so nervous that she completely blanked out. She was supposed to start at what point again? Everything was gone from her memory, and suddenly, the room started to spin. Why in the world was she getting dizzy? Heart pounding, cheeks flushed, she blinked back tears.
“Are you all right, Emily?” the director asked, looking up at her from stage front.
Emily nodded quickly. “Yes, I’m fine.”
“Would you like to try again?”
“Yes, thank you.” Emily hurried back to her position. Please, God, let me remember what to do. She drew a slow, deep breath.
The music started again. This time, Emily knew exactly what to do. A smile lit her face as she extended her arms and let the music flow through her. This was what Emily loved about ballet the most—the way it made her feel. She felt as though she had been set free from any cares or worries in life. The floor felt like fluffy clouds that would take her anywhere she wanted to go. Emily forgot that she was auditioning for the biggest part of her life. She was dancing, and that was all that mattered. She didn’t even care who was watching her.

I wrote this snippet in about 30 minutes. It was a fun challenge!

But really, Emily Spencer is a character-in-progress for a new novel. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep her as a dancer. I might write a novella about her as a dancer. I'm also not sure what her last name is going to be yet. It might be Spencer. We'll see!

Emily is the name of a character I think I'll be using in an upcoming novel. I can't give too many details right now, but if you're on my email list, you'll get more info at the end of the month! I'm super excited about this project!



what about you?
Did you participate in Inktober this year, either as an artist or a writer? How many artists do we have here? Let me know! :D


  1. I've never heard of Inktober but it sounds fun! Near idea!

    1. Thanks, Ryana Lynn! It was our Community Manager's idea! :D


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