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Hey there, friends! After my friend begged me to share more snippets of my story, I decided it was time to share another one.

My novelette, Healed by the Storm, is under micro editingwhich means...I'm almost finished with it! I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the year. That would be fantastic!

Anywhos, before reading this snippet, you'll need a little background to the story. If you missed the first snippet back in May, check it out here! Some dramatic things happened between those two snippets, but...I can't tell you what happened because it will give things away. Sorry. ;) So if Miriam seems depressed, she's got a good reason to be.

Now for the snippet. Enjoy! Be sure to tell me what you think in the comments below!

. . .

The next day, Miriam packed a few things in a bag and took it outside where John was hitching up the team.

“Ready?” he asked, taking the bag from her.

Miriam nodded and forced a smile. “I’ll just get Grace.” A couple minutes later, John helped her up into the wagon, and they were off.

After a long hour’s travel, the house loomed into sight straight ahead. The front door opened as they approached, and a blonde-haired woman hurried out to greet them.

“John, Miriam, I’m so glad you’ve come!” Rosa cried, beaming. “Here, John, let me take that bag. Come inside, all of you! William’s just heating up some coffee, so you can have something warm to drink. It’s getting chilly out here.”

When she entered the little cabin, Miriam looked around. There was a deer’s head above the mantelpiece, a lovely lady’s portrait on the wall, and a fire blazing in the hearth, spreading a warm glow throughout the room.

“John, Miriam, welcome!” William said, coming out of the kitchen. He stepped forward and shook John’s hand. “Please, make yourself at home. Would you like some coffee?”
“Yes, thank you,” John replied. He looked at Miriam for a response. “Coffee, dear?”
Miriam shook her head and shifted Grace to her other arm.
Rosa crossed the room to her, holding out her arms. “This isn’t baby Grace, is it? My, has she grown! Here, Miriam, let me hold her, and you sit down and make yourself comfortable.”
But Miriam held Grace tighter and shook her head. “No, thank you,” she said.
John put his arm around his wife. “It’s been a tough week, Rosa,” he said gently. “Is it all right if we get unpacked?”
“O-of course. Your room is right over here.” Rosa opened the door to the room beside the kitchen and gestured inside. “If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask me.”
When she had gone, Miriam sat on the bed and gave Grace her rag doll to play with. “They have a nice place here,” she remarked, looking around.
“Yes, they do,” John agreed as he started unpacking. Then he stopped and sat beside her on the bed. “Rosa’s just trying to be kind, Miriam.”
“I know, and I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just that having Grace nearby comforts me. Just holding her makes me feel better. I know that sounds silly…”
“It isn’t silly, sweetheart. Gracie means a lot to us both.” John fingered his daughter’s chubby hand affectionately. “And she always will.”
“If she were to die, I don’t think I could continue living. Especially after…last year…” She drew a deep breath, and a tear slipped down her cheek.
“Miriam, don’t think about last year,” John told her gently. “It was a hard time for both of us, but it won’t do us any good if we keep reliving the pain.”
Miriam swallowed, staring at the floor. “I know,” she murmured.
John kissed her cheek tenderly. “C’mon, let’s get unpacked.”


what about you?
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  1. This was so sweet and sad! Now I'm really curious as to what's going on. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Thank you, Kassie! Yay, I'm glad! You're very welcome! Thanks for reading! :D


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