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(created by an awesome YDubber)
If you know me AT ALL, you know that I'm a member of the Young Writers Workshop, an online workshop and community that has helped me grow tremendously. In fact, without this workshop, I wouldn't have started this blog because I wouldn't have had the resources and help to do so.

You want to know my personal story with this program?

I'm a teenage girl with a passion for writing.

About two years ago, that's all it wasa passion, a dream that I hoped to fulfill when I got older.

But you know what? I'm starting to fulfill that dream nowas a teenager.

What changed my mind? What got me on the right road to success and fulfilling my dream?


This workshop is completely self-paced, and while folding laundry, I might find myself listening to lessons in the Content Library and getting awesome advice!

But there's also a community!

The YWWC (Young Writers Workshop Community) is the place where you hang out with other writers. The community isn't meant to distract you from your writing, but all writers feel discouraged and unmotivated at some time or another. You can post that you're feeling discouraged, and soon, YDubbers (as the members are called) respond to encourage and pray for you!

It's a fantastic community! Since May, I've been working as a Community Assistant there.

There's also a space specifically for asking our instructors questions. This space has been very helpful for all of the students. There are so many amazing questions and answers that I've found myself keeping a list of links or bookmarking the posts for referring back to them later!

Before I joined the YWW, I always had the idea and dream of getting published one day.

The truth was, I had no idea how. The entire process just sounded so complicated and unrealistic for me. I'm a teenager! Sure, other teens have done it, but certainly I can't...right?


Five AMAZING instructors (as well as other YDubbers) are there to help and guide me through my writing journey, so I now have "permission to dream again"! Instead of only being passionate about writing, I am now pursuing it!

After joining the YWW (only a year and a half ago), I have

1) written and completed two full-length novels
2) started a blog (in March 2018, then switched to this blog in March 2019)
3) continued posting every single week on my blog for over a year
4) guest posted on several blogs
5) been published on The Rebelution eight times and counting
6) started an email list
7) gotten alphas and betas for my novelette, which is coming close to being a manuscript
8) become a Community Assistant on the community (which means I'm part of the staffbut not an instructor)
And more, I'm sure!

In addition, my WriterScorewhich I'll explain in a minutehas gone from 61 to 88 as of August 7. That's really good! 88 is in a good range. And that was only in a year and a half!

I'm not saying this at all to be prideful. I'm telling you this because it IS possible to become a successful writer at a young age!

BUT you need to know how. Writers can't write alone. They need support, feedback, and guidance.

The Young Writers Workshop opens TODAY and registration ends on the 18th. The workshop only opens twice a year so that the instructors can focus briefly on opening registration, then shift their focus back on serving their students and helping them grow.

Okay, so what is this WriterScore Assessment, anyway? The WriterScore Assessment is a self-evaluation of what areas of writing are your strengths and what areas are your weaknesses. That way, you know what you need to keep working on.

Click here to take the (FREE) WriterScore Assessment. You'll get an email that will tell you what your WriterScore is, as well as what your score means. It's pretty neat!

One of the best ways for you to get to know this workshop better is to view the links below. (the official website)

View the Official Workshop Page (Scroll through and read everythingit's worth it!)

I strongly recommend checking out those links. They lead to AMAZING content!

YDubs (as we call it) is constantly growingnot only with students, but also with content and amazing new tracks! For example, YDubs is launching two new awesome tracks! (I won't say what they are right now, but it's gonna be awesome!!)

What do you need to do right now?

Click here to sign up for the Young Writers Workshop!

Youyes, YOUcan get started on the road to publication TODAY!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up now!

Still not sure? Watch these FREE videos now! They're INCREDIBLE!!

Young Writer Revolution FREE Videos

I personally recommend joining this program. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, and I'll respond soon!

I hope to see you inside the workshop, friend! (It's gonna be good!)

P.S. Still not convinced? Here's what other YDubbers say about the program.

I joined YDubs because I wanted to become a better writer and had no idea how to succeed. YDubs has provided me with an easy-to-follow strategy that has allowed me to improve my craft and take steps toward publication. Not only that, but before YDubs, I lacked community. Often, I felt like the only one my age who enjoyed stories and wordplay, but I was so wrong! Thanks to YDubs, I’m now invested in an incredible, encouraging, Godly community who have kept me going even when I’ve felt like giving up. Being a young writer is possible, and because of YDubs, I now have the courage, skills, and community needed to pursue a future as a published author. Definitely worth every cent I’ve paid! ~Chloe D.

I'd recently discovered a love of writing, but I had no access to classes or writing friends. I needed some way to improve my but didn't really know what to do. Mom saw this and I thought it looked interesting so I signed up. It's been such a cool experience. Being able to connect with other people in the same boat as me has been incredibly motivated. It made me aware of all sorts of things I had never heard of. I went from writing here and there when I felt like it and never really finishing anyting to developing clear strategies for writing, honing my craft, time management, etc. My actual writing has improved because of all the time I've spent focusing on consistency and learning. Oh so worth the cost. ~Justin K.

I joined YDubs because I love to write, but I knew I needed people who could give me feedback besides just my family (awesome though they are). Ever since YDubs, I’ve improved significantly, and I’m so, SO glad I joined! It’s been so worth the cost. ~Havalah P.

I started writing for NaNoWriMo 2017, which went amazingly well. After that, I did a few camp NaNo months, writing consistently and enjoyed every bit of it. My mom (who is very supportive) found the book Structuring Your Novel for me to read, which also helped a ton, but before I could apply what I learned from it in my latest novel, I somehow got absolutely stuck. I stopped writing down my ideas in my notebook, came to complete standstill in any of my writing projects. By NaNoWriMo 2018, I had nothing. I didn’t even get halfway through.
However, during this entire time I’d been explaining my lack of motivation and consistency to my mom, and she started looking for ways to help. She found YWW, showed it to me, and offered to pay for it for me. So I joined, and though I haven’t completely gotten out of my writing rut, I can see the way out, and I’m moving toward it. I was really surprised to find so many serious writers on here, and I’ve come to realize that publishing might not be the far-off dream I thought it was. Now, with YDubs’ help, there is no way I’m giving up. ~Emma C.

I wanted to be published. There, I said it. I thought I was ready for publishing when I joined, two years ago, arrogant and sure that when I joined, people would see the genius of my work, and a publishing contract would soon be on its way. I wasn’t here to connect with other writers; I was here to gain from them. I was selfish, greedy, focused on myself.
When I joined, though, I ended up connecting with the most amazing people. I was right about one thing—people outside my family and friends irl *did* enjoy my work, and that was a confidence boost I needed. Despite all my initial arrogance, I needed that encouragement. But then, once I got that encouragement, I needed more. I needed critique on how to be better.
I got that critique. And at that point, I was finally able to handle it, and it opened up my writing to a whole different level. I wasn’t ready for publishing yet. I knew pretty much nothing about plot or theme. But I was finally ready to learn rather than just take. And I *have* learned. I wouldn’t say I’m ready for publishing yet, but I’m definitely getting far closer than if I had tried to do it on my own.
Through Ydubs, I learned to invest in other writers too. I learned to be selfless, to give rather than always take. I learned that if you want others to help you with your stuff, you have to be willing to help them with theirs too. I became more others-focused and discovered a love for helping other writers. That’s one of my favorite things about joining Ydubs.
So yes, it has been worth my money. I have made so many incredible friendships, learned so much, and become a better person. Ydubs completely changed my life for the better. I know it’s not for everyone, but I would definitely recommend it. It’s an amazing program filled with amazing people, both other students and the instructors, and I hope it continues to change young writers’ worlds. ~Cassandra H.

I was hesitant to join YDubs. I wanted to — very badly, in fact — but I just couldn’t see myself spending that much of my hard-earned money. I kept hearing great stories about it from a friend and I could see the improvement creeping into her writing. Two student registrations opened and closed before I finally decided to join.
In just a few months, my dream of getting published turned into a concrete possibility. My writing quickly improved through both the lessons in the content library and the peer feedback I received. Through giving feedback to other students, I quickly learned techniques for my own writing. Using some peer accountability systems, I started consistently writing over 1000 words a day and finished a complete draft of a novel.
It was worth every penny. ~Rachel S.

Are you convinced now? SIGN UP TODAY!

what about you?

Are you a YDubber? If so, when did you join? How did you hear about it? Why did you join? Would you recommend this program to others? Tell us in the comments below!
If you're not a YDubber, are you a young writer or blogger? Would you like to take writing more seriously? If so, this workshop is for you!


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    1. Aww, thank you, Bella! It's hard to describe YDubs because it's just so great! :D


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