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Dear Father in heaven,

Lord, we come to you today with aching hearts because there are children being aborted all around the world.

Those who are pro-choice argue that the woman has bodily autonomy over the unborn baby’s life, and therefore she has the right to do with her body as she pleases. But, God, what they don’t realize is that there’s another life involved here. There’s a tiny human baby growing and developing in his mother’s womb from the day of conception, so that one day, he will make his entrance into the world. We know that this little life is a gift from you.

Abortions are tragic, horrifying, and devastating. It’s a tiny human life being sucked from his mother’s womb. The baby can’t cry out to his parents for help because the ones whom you appointed to protect their children and help them grow are the ones giving doctors permission to poison their child, pull him limb from limb from his mother’s womb, and throw him away in the trash—literally.

Father, it horrifies us that abortion is legal, and that it is considered a woman’s right to kill the life within her. It makes us very angry and upset, and it should.

But we don’t know the woman’s situation or how she got pregnant. It might or might not have been her choice. Our hearts break at the suffering some women have experienced in our broken, sinful world. It’s not supposed to be this way, and we ache at their pain. But either way, we know that it does not give her the right to end her pregnancy. The precious, priceless human life that she is carrying is completely innocent.

Lord, you’ve seen that in the privacy of our own homes, we can get very passionate and angry about this subject. But when we pause and really think about the heart of the situation, we are no longer angry, but heartbroken and left wanting to do something to help these women see the truth.

In the end, we know that no matter how hard we might plead with people to change their minds about abortion, only you can change their hearts.

That’s why we want to earnestly pray for those who feel that abortion is the only answer to their situation.

Today, Father, and in the days to come, we want to pray for these women in three specific ways, and we hope many others will join us.

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Will you join me in prayer for these women?


  1. This was SO good, Julia! Thank you for being willing to tackle this and to share it. It’s very needed! Keep up the good work! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Kassie! I'm passionate about this topic, and all I want is for this article to touch someone's life. Thank you for reading! :D <3

  2. I LOVE this. This was so sweet and authentic: we need more of this in the world. <3

    Hanne ||

    1. Thank you so much, Hanne! My heart goes out to these women, and I hope this article touches lives. <3

  3. This is beautiful Julia! We need more stuff like this! Also, the way you put words together is truly unique.

    1. Thank you so much! My heart goes out to these women. <3

  4. I'm not a troll or a hater, I swear. I'm a young woman who is frightened of a future where I (and my sisters) will not have access to safe, affordable abortions.

    It is easy to condemn women who have abortions as mislead, faithless, blind. The truth is that many of these women choose an abortion for the sake of the child. You might be surprised to learn that a significant percentage of abortions come from married women who already have a child--who know that they cannot afford to raise another child.

    By making abortions illegal, you take away a woman's right to control her body. You turn women into an incubator. You turn her into an object. Into a means to an end. Is that fair to the woman?

    It is unlikely that I will convince you to change your perspective. But I hope you do more research to understand exactly why women end up having abortions. I hope you expand your philosophical research to include other sources.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Hi there!

      I'm just curious...did you read my article? I know the title can look very mean and judgmental, but that is not what the article is about. That's not the heart of the article at all.

      I am a young woman who has sisters as well. May I ask why you're frightened of not having access to abortions?

      The reason I said these women were "blind" is because it's very likely they do not believe that the baby inside of them is a living human being. As soon as the sperm meets the egg (conception), a new life is formed. The baby is so tiny, but that doesn't mean it isn't alive. It's a new person.

      Why was the woman pregnant in the first place? Did she have sex willingly? Whether or not this man was her husband (and biblically, she should be married), there are consequences for her actions--whether good or bad. If the woman didn't want to get pregnant, she should not have had sex.

      Sex is a tender act of love that God created to be between husband and wife. But we abuse it and have sex with whoever we want, and we want to get rid of the baby that is produced because we want to have a normal life.

      I know that rape and incest do happen. I won't stand here and deny it or try to shake it off as no big deal. Rape and incest are tragic. But that doesn't give the woman a right to end the innocent life inside of her. The baby had nothing to do with its father. In Florida in 2018, according to, 0.1% of abortions were performed because of incest. 0.14% of abortions were performed because of rape. Often, those who are pro-choice will argue for abortion with this reason, but it amounts to less than 2% of the reasons women have abortions, while 98%--the vast majority--have other reasons. No reason gives a woman the right to kill her baby.

      I am aware that married women have abortions, and yes, some women might kill the baby that hasn't been born yet so they can better raise the children they already have. But that doesn't make it right. (Besides, there are a lot of medicare plans available for women who need help. True, their lives won't be the same, and it might be difficult, but that gives women--including me--no right to end the life of a baby.)

      Have you seen pictures of aborted babies? I have. They look just like babies who have been born, only smaller and blackened from the abortion. It's an absolute tragedy.

      By taking away abortion, we do not take away the woman's right to control her body. She can control her body by not having sex. She can control her body by being responsible. (That goes for me as well.) I know that it doesn't seem fair to the woman, but is it fair to the child? Is it fair to the living, human being growing inside its mother's womb, who had no choice whether to be alive or not?

      I do know many reasons that women have abortions, and I have not found one that gives a valid reason for having an abortion.

      Yes, I am a Christian, as you might have noticed from my statements. I do not hate women who have abortions. Instead, I pray for them. <3


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