My Writing Journey | May 2019 Update + Accountability for YOU!

by - May 31, 2019

Hey friend! It's time for another My Writing Journey update! Can you believe it?!

You ready?

Today, I'm going to tell you 1) the goals I set last month and reached this month, 2) what I did this month in my writing journey, and 3) what goals I'm setting for next month. Then, I'll give YOU an opportunity to report the goals you completed last month and make your own goals for next month!

Let's begin!

Did I complete my goals for this month?

The goals I set last month were: 1) edit Healed by the Storm, 2) keep brainstorming for and outlining 3rd novel, and 3) work on articles and guest-posts.

Did I complete them?

Yes, I did a good amount of editing on Healed by the Storm. Yep, worked on brainstorming and outlining my 3rd novel. I worked on an article for TheReb, but did not work on any guest-posts. It was a pretty good month.

Accepted or Rejected?

My latest article, "5 Ways We Can Pray for Persecuted Christians," was published in April. Other than that, I haven't submitted or been published anywhere. However, I am almost ready to submit an article to The Rebelution. It has a very important message, and I can't wait to see what God does with it! (Don't worry, you'll get the link if it's accepted!)

Novel Update!

I actually don't have much to update you on with my 3rd novel. It's coming along. I watched the movie "Seven Alone," and it was really good. I can't remember any language or God's name in vain, so that's great.

I started my outline! Yay! It's a brief outline. I will probably go farther in depth once I finish the entire outline. We'll see what happens!

Future Plans for My Novel

This month, I want to keep outlining my novel and doing research about the time period and such. It's going to be a neat experience!

What I'm Working On Now

I am working on continuing to edit HBS. I'm waiting on betas to finish reading it before I continue too much further. And, of course, working on my novel.

I started a new project! Well, slowly starting it. I don't know how often I'll work on it, since I have other projects. This will either be a novel or novella, depending on length. I'm thinking novella, though. Ooh, yeah, this one has a tentative title! Wanna know what it is?
The Captive Bride
So that's the newest project! Nope, no synopsis yet. Sorry. ;)

A few article ideas are in the mix, so I'll hopefully submit this one article and work on others!

And of course, I'm working on weekly blog posts to continue serving you all! Make sure to drop by the Got Questions? space to ask a question and potentially get an answer right here on the blog! I LOVE receiving your questions and serving you better!

What are my goals for next month?

Here are my goals that I hope to complete in June: 1) submit article to The Rebelution, 2) keep brainstorming/outlining my novel and/or The Captive Bride, 3) edit Healed by the Storm if able, and 4) keep blogging every Friday.

what about you?

What did you ACCOMPLISH this month? Did you COMPLETE your goals? What are your NEW GOALS for the month of June? Tell me about it in the comments below!!
(Don't forgetthis is an accountability group, so be sure to encourage each other to complete your goals!! =D )

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  1. I enjoyed reading your update, Julia! Good luck with your goals this month! ;)