My Writing Journey | April 2019 Update + Accountability for YOU!

by - April 26, 2019

(Y'all, I'm just gonna say it every time, so get used to it ;) )

Can you believe it's April already? Where has the time gone?!

First things first...

Did I complete my goals for this month?

Let's see... My goals were: 1) submit an article to TheReb, 2) continue editing Healed by the Storm, and 3) start editing The Story of Christmas if I have time.

I submitted the article to TheReb, and it was accepted! You might have seen it on the site already, but I'll make a post about it next week! Yes, I did edit Healed by the Storm. And as for the third goal, I didn't get to that. I had time, but instead of editing that story, I've been brainstorming for my NEW novel! (Keep reading to find more info on that!) So I'd say it was a good month.

Accepted or Rejected?

As I mentioned, I submitted my article to The Rebelution, and it was accepted and published last week! I have not submitted anything else this month, but I am working on a couple articles that I might submit. I'm also planning on guest-posting on a few other blogs in the upcoming months!

Novel Update!

My novel updates are now going to be mainly about my newest novel. Sadly, it doesn't have a name yet. Right now, I'm simply in the brainstorming stage.

This novel is a Christian, historical fiction novel with two POVs (point of views). I'm not sure if I'll add a third or not. I'd like to, but we'll see.

For now, I'd like you to meet my two MCs (main characters)! Then I'll give you a little more info on the book!

Meet Susannah Warren. Susannah is about 35 years old and has two children by her late husband. After losing her husband, Susannah married Caleb Warren. (Caleb has a daughter.) When the story begins, Susannah is expecting her third baby.

Meet Ruth Sanders. Ruth is a rebellious 16-year-old young lady trying to escape her abusive father and find a home where she'll always be welcome.

And because I wanna introduce Susannah's kiddos...

15-year-old Nathan is growing into a responsible young man, but like most boys, he loves adventure. So when the opportunity comes to travel West with a wagon train, he's all ready to go.

13-year-old Elizabeth ("Lizzie") is a tomboy. She loves joining her brother's excursions and avoids wearing a dress whenever possible (which, sadly for her, isn't often enough).

Rosalie (affectionately called "Rosy") is nine years old. Unlike her older step-brother and step-sister, she prefers the comfort of home. Ever since she was little, she has never been well, and therefore is the weakest of the three children.

And then, of course, is the baby who will come later. No info on him or her yet! ;)

(Fun fact: I just did a little brainstorming and further developed my charactersspecifically the childrenright now when writing this post! XD)

Here's a little about the book: Susannah Warren, a young mother in Missouri, finds her husband was cheated out of his money and knows she needs to get her children to a better homeeven if that means traveling all the way to Oregon. Headstrong Ruth Sanders heads West on the Oregon Trail to escape her pastand perhaps find meaning in life on the way.

Well, that's what I'm working on! I'm excited about this new project! What do you think?

Future Plans for My Novel

This is the novel that I hope to publish. I am doing some in-depth brainstorming, and I will (hopefully soon) start an outline that will continue to get deeper and more detailed. Basically, I am just taking this novel more seriously than I did the other two novels.

A Candle in the Window has potential, but needs a lot of work. I might go back to that book someday and edit and polish it.

What I'm Working On Now

As I said above, I am working on brainstorming and eventually outlining for my 3rd novel. (Until it has a name, this novel is simply called my "3rd novel.")

I'm still editing Healed by the Storm. Soon, you'll get to read a snippet from this short story, so keep an eye out for that! :)

In non-fiction, I have several article ideas and drafts to work on. I'm also planning on guest-posting on two or three other blogs! You'll get the links to all of those when they're published!

My Email List

If you received this post via email, you are aware that I started my email list! I am no longer using Feedburner, so I deactivated that and moved to Mailchimp! I just started, but so far, I love it!!

Email subscribers will receive some bonuses that those following this blog won't receive. So if you want to make sure you're in the know, click HERE to subscribe!

All right, I think that wraps this month up! All in all, it was a good month!

As for my goals this next month: 1) edit Healed by the Storm, 2) keep brainstorming for and outlining 3rd novel, and 3) work on articles and guest-posts.

what about you?
What did you ACCOMPLISH this month? Did you COMPLETE your goals? What are your NEW GOALS for the month of May? Tell me about it in the comments below!!

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  1. Wow, that new novel sounds so neat! Can’t wait to hear more about it!!
    Let’s see...I didn’t quite break 15k in my WIP, and I didn’t edit my short story, but I’m REALLY hopeful to get both of those things done in the next couple of weeks. I did get my article finished and submitted to TheReb; still waiting to hear back from Sara, which I think is a good thing! ;) I also wrote a guest post for Reveries (both are for Memorial Day), scheduled all but two of my blog posts for this coming month, and wrote an article for a friend’s magazine.
    This coming month, besides those two things I mentioned, I need to schedule all of my June posts. XD Not too much writing-wise, but life is super busy and exciting!!

    1. Wow, nice, Kassie! Those sound like great goals!! Great job submitting your article to TheReb! I hope it gets published!! :D

  2. I think I see where this is going... So is Ruth going to join the Warren family??

    I had a fairly productive month! I started getting ready to write the second draft of my WIP, I submitted an article to a magazine (a lady at church is on their editorial board), and I wrote and edited several blog posts ahead of time.

    My goals are to submit an article to the Reb — one I’ve already written and edited, but have procrastinated sending in — maybe even this week! And also, after I develop my characters a bit more, I should probably get started on my WIP’s second draft. Been procrastinating that since August. XD If all goes well, maybe I’ll be done with the book by this August!

    1. Great job this month, Eliana! And those are some great goals! You can do it!! :D

  3. Your new novel sounds really cool, Julia! This past month I finished my historical fiction novel set in the Revolutionary War, and now I'm figuring out what to work on next, lol. Keep up the great work!

    1. WOO HOO! Great job, Evelyn! Yeah, sometimes we writers are at a loss when we finish a project XD

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Jac! I'm pretty excited! :D

  5. The novel sounds neat, but also very modern lol.

    1. I'm writing historical fiction as well.

    2. Nice, Zella! I really enjoy writing HF. :D

  6. Your new novel project looks awesome! I hope I get to read it. ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Bella! I'm pretty excited about it!
      Aw, thanks! I'll try to remember to tag you on YDubs if I open for alphas/betas. :D