How To Juggle Multiple Writing Projects WITHOUT Losing Your Mind

March 22, 2019

Hey friends! Today, I am excited to answer a question from one of my readers! I know a lot of us struggle with this, so today I am going to address it!

Eliana asks,

“How do I juggle writing projects and keep them all going smoothly?”

Great question, Eliana! I can totally understand what you’re talking about. I’m a student in high school, and balancing all of my writing and blogging projects can sometimes be overwhelming.

Today, I’m going to introduce THREE PRACTICAL WAYS to juggle your writing projects and “keep them all going smoothly.”


If you haven't read it already, read this post on consistency: How to Be a Consistent Writer.


Here is a list of my current writing projects:

  • A Candle in the Window—novel that needs edited
  • Healed by the Storm—short story that I am editing
  • One blog post every week
  • Article—for The Rebelution (TheReb)

This list keeps me busy! So the question is, how do I balance all of these projects and complete all of my goals, without losing my mind?!


To be honest, I haven’t created a solid plan (or schedule) yet, but, for example, I might tell myself, “You need to work on this project Monday through Wednesday so you can finish it by Thursday."

When I took writing lessons for nine weeks, I had a deadline. Every Thursday, I had to have finished my homework, and for the most part, I did finish on time, thanks to the deadline.

Set goals (or deadlines) for yourself. Make them realistic goals, though, so you can actually complete them. There’s nothing wrong with starting small!

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Depending on your schedule, you might not have time to start a certain project because you are busy with other ones.

Short answer: Be wise.

Long answer:

I love writing for The Rebelution, and I’m going to keep writing for that site, but I also want to start writing for

A while back, I got an idea, and I couldn’t wait to email the editor and get started!

But because I was taking writing lessons, finishing an article that I had to submit to The Rebelution before Valentine’s Day, and blogging every week, I knew I couldn’t take on another project. It would have been too overwhelming for me to have another deadline.

So, I decided to wait until writing lessons were over. (And now that they are, I plan to email the editor soon about that idea.)

This proved to be a very good decision. I am almost finished with my short story, I submitted that article to TheReb (which you can find here), and I've been blogging every week—without being super overwhelmed.

So be wise with your writing projects and deadlines. Don’t take on five projects when you can only work on three at this time.


Some writers can work on several writing projects at the same time. I have several projects going at once, but I prefer to work on only one or two stories/books at a time.

For example, I finished my novel, A Candle in the Window, in July 2018. Then, I started my second novel, In His Hands, and finished that in January 2018. During the entire time while writing In His Hands, I didn’t go back and edit A Candle in the Window. I didn’t want to work on another project. I wanted to wait until I had finished In His Hands to go back and edit my first novel.

On the other hand, you might enjoy writing more than one project at one time—and that’s AWESOME!

For all of you out there, whether you like to write one book or three books at once, here’s my advice:


Shocking, right? I mean, it’s not like anyone saw the header or anything…

As I mentioned before, sometimes I have deadlines or goals that I need to reach (especially with Healed by the Storm and blog posts), so I need to prioritize some projects over others.

Right now, posting on my blog every week is my top priority because I have a weekly deadline that I set for myself. (And I'll be talking about how to blog consistently in a future post!)

Find the projects you want to or need to finish, and complete those first. Once you’ve finished those, start on the next project—and reward yourself with a treat! I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate?!


I hope I answered your question, Eliana, and gave you some tips that you can incorporate into your own writing!

And I hope this post was helpful for all of you who struggle with this, as well!

what about you?
Do you struggle with balancing writing projects? Which one(s) are you going to prioritize this week? Tell me about it below!


  1. Life is crazy busy for us, so these are all really helpful! I have a weekly word count goal of 1k on my’s not much but I’m not a fast writer, and it works (looking forward to those last Friday posts!!). I live by scheduling blog posts ahead of time. XD And...those writing lessons are the ones from Brett and Josiah, right?? I’m planning on doing them when they open again in the summer and I’m pretty excited about it.

    1. I'm so glad this was helpful, Kassie! Hey, that's a great goal! "Slow and steady wins the race," right? :D Yay, I'm glad you're looking forward to the last Friday posts! Next week will be the first one on this blog!
      Oh, I know, right?! Scheduling posts is SO helpful! I would probably fail at blogging if I didn't prepare ahead of time XD
      And yes, those writing lessons are from Brett and Josiah! (Are you on YDubs??)

    2. No, I’m not; maybe someday. ;)

  2. Yes, that helps tons! Thank you so much!

    1. I'm so glad!! Anytime! Thank you for submitting your question! :D

  3. I always have too many projects going at once, I am trying to run 2 blogs, and that is no easy task.

    1. Oh yeah, I'm sure that's tricky! How often do you post on them (each)?

  4. What a great post, Julia! I don't write myself, but I often struggle in my other projects which are closely related to writing (beta reading friends' manuscripts, transcribing audio files, etc.), and I always have to remind myself to prioritize. :)

    Lilian |

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Yes, those are valid struggles! All of those projects are begging for your attention. Sometimes, prioritizing can be tough. :D


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