What Makes Christmas So Important?

by - February 10, 2019

We’re ready for Christmas! It's only four days away! The tree is up and decorated. Bring the season on!

Christmas is often celebrated with lights, candles, wreaths, trees, and nativity scenes. In the United States, we tend to take Christmas for granted. It’s a fun season with bright lights and presents wrapped in colorful paper under the tree.

But what makes Christmas really important? The birth of Jesus Christ, of course!

But...there’s more to it than just His birth. Why did He come? And how does this affect the way we celebrate this season?


"And he will be called

Wonderful Counselor,

Mighty God,

Everlasting Father,

Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6b

In this world, we have many problems: broken families, gangs, hatred, and school shootings, to name a few. But why is there murder? Why are there problems like these?

When Jesus came into this world as the incarnate God--God in the flesh--He came with a purpose. He came to restore the brokenness in this world. He knew where that brokenness came from, and He was born into this world to defeat the problem.

That problem is sin.

It’s because of sin--our sin--that Jesus came to sacrifice Himself on the cross and die, taking our punishment upon Himself because He loved us so much.

As our Wonderful Counselor, Jesus understood our main problem was sin, and He came to defeat it once and for all by dying on the cross.

This is a beautiful message, but it only becomes real to you if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Revelation 3:20 says, "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me."

This is Jesus speaking. He wants to come into our lives and be our Lord. Before anything can happen, we have to let Him in.


The second title Isaiah names in chapter 9, verse 6, is “Mighty God.”

What does it mean that God is mighty?

When Jesus was here on earth, He performed sign miracles that revealed His deity. He had power over demons, disease, and death. He could cast demons out, heal the sick, and raise people from the dead. He ultimately defeated death when He rose again from the grave.

When the Bible says that Jesus is our “mighty God,” it’s telling us that Jesus is omnipotent--all powerful. He can do anything. He can defeat anything. He can take any bad deed and turn it around for His purpose.


When we become children of God by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, we become His children. No longer are we slaves to sin. Now, we have a Father in heaven who loves us.

Maybe you don't have a father with whom you can share this Christmas season. If this is the case, remember that you have a Father in heaven. He loves you much more than your earthly father ever could. You don't ever have to be alone.

God's love for His children will last forever. You can't lose your salvation. Once you're saved, you're always saved. However, this isn't your "ticket" to heaven so you can do whatever you want to here on earth.

Once saved, forever changed.

Your attitude changes, and you no longer want to live for yourself, but for the God who made you.


People might say, "How can Jesus be the Prince of Peace? Where is the peace in this world?"

It's a good question, but there's a simple answer.


Yes, sin. Sin is the reason we don't have peace in this world. People talk about trying to bring peace into this broken world, but peace doesn't come by the efforts of humans, for we are sinners. Peace comes only through Jesus Christ. When He comes again to earth--and He will because the Bible says He will--we will have the peace for which we've all been longing.


Celebrating Christmas is more than celebrating Jesus’ birth. It’s celebrating the reason behind Jesus’ birth. If Jesus came into the world with no eternal purpose, His birth wouldn’t be as exciting.

However, we have a reason to worship our God. He sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins, taking our punishment upon Himself so that we could spend eternal life with Him forever.

Doesn’t that just make you want to praise Him? Jesus took the blame, and we received the reward. In today’s society, that would seem unfair.

But Jesus loved us SO much that He was willing to do this for us. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty humbling.

Every year, my family and I open gifts to celebrate Christmas, but we always remember the real reason of the season. The gifts don’t make Christmas important--at least, not for Christians. Jesus’ birth--and the reason behind His birth--makes all the difference.

So what about this Christmas? Will you celebrate it with the usual “Jesus came into the world to save us from our sins, and that’s why we celebrate Christmas”? Or will you take it to a whole new level?

Jesus came into this world so that I could be saved. He came from His throne in heaven to become the son of a lowly carpenter. He took my punishment upon Himself so that I could live with Him forever.

Praise God!

* * *

I hope this has painted a beautiful reminder for you this Christmas. Please share it with the people you know need to be reminded of the reason behind the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!



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