Prayer Journaling | How I Love to Spend Time with God

by - February 10, 2019

Hey, guys! I'm excited about today's post because I think it will really encourage you.

So let's begin!

One of my favorite ways to spend time with God is to write in my prayer journal.

Yes, journal.

This might sound odd for guys. Aren't the girls the ones who do all the fancy decorations on a notebook?

But I'm not talking about that kind of journaling—although it's fun. I'm referring to prayer journaling. This kind of journaling doesn't necessarily mean elaborate decorations. I have a notebook with a strap around it—that's all. Nothing fancy.

Prayer journaling helps me talk to God personally, as my heavenly Father. It's a special time between just me and God. I know He's listening to me.

My prayer journal is special to me. I can look back and see how the Lord has answered my prayers. I can see how He helped me when I was having a rough day.

Take out a notebook and pencil or pen. Pray to God in journaling form. Yes, it takes longer when you're writing it, but for me, it's worth the extra time. (And I'm the type of person who likes to get things done quickly!)

Just trust me. Prayer journaling is a wonderful time between just me and God, and I want you to have that special time, too. Get a notebook, a pencil, and start praying through words.

Don't worry about handwriting. Believe me, you don't want to see my handwriting in this journal. I'm pouring out my thoughts to God so quickly that it's not easy to speed read through my prayers.

And that's totally okay. Write like crazy, pour out your thoughts to God, and relish the time you spend with Him.


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So what about you? How do you like to spend time with God? Tell me about it below! I'd LOVE to hear about it!

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