My Writing Journey | September 2018 Update

by - February 10, 2019

Summer’s gone, school’s begun, volleyball’s in full season, and fall’s here at last!

How was your summer? How’s your school year going? Tell me about it in the comments!

For me, this September has been very busy--which seems to be the common thing in my life. It’s not a bad thing to be busy; in fact, I rather enjoy it.

Throughout the business, I’ve kept writing, and today, you get to hear an update on that!


In two weeks, I will share with you my newest article that was published on September 11. It’s titled, “Why Do I Have to Forgive?”

Before October begins, I’m going to try very hard to get another article ready to submit. Will it work…will it not? I guess we shall find out!


In His Hands is not quite a novel…but it’s so close!!!

Here are my current stats:

In His Hands
Status: Rough Draft
Page Count: 106
Word Count: 38,000
Chapter in Progress: 11
Part in Progress: 1 (+ Prologue)

So I’ve made quite a bit of progress on this novel in just two months! I really started going on this novel in the middle of July, and now it’s the end of September! (Is anyone else glad the humidity is gone?! At least where I live… :) )


October is going to be even busier! It’s the last month of volleyball, so after that, hopefully things will start to calm down a bit.

Meanwhile, in October, here are the goals I hope to accomplish:
  • Reach 40,000 words in my book--which is novel length
  • Start reading a book/some books about writing that will hopefully help me improve my novel
  • Submit another article by the end of the month

My monthly goal is to write and submit one article per month. I have only submitted to TheRebelution so far, but I might try another website soon… But that’s a matter for the future! :)


I have one article that I’m going to try really hard to submit by the end of September. I need to finish and tweak a few things, let my parents read it, then click “send” on the email!

At the end of October, I hope to submit another article (as I mentioned above). I’ve started the article a tiny bit, but haven't really begun writing it yet. As a sneak peek, I will tell you what I’m thinking about titling it: “What a Little Mouse Taught Me About Doing Hard Things.”

I think it’s an important topic, but we’ll see where the Lord takes it

let’s chat!

How was your September? What did you accomplish? What do you hope to accomplish next month? Leave a comment below!!

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