My Writing Journey | May 2018 Update

by - February 10, 2019

Welcome back!

Wow, is it time for another My Writing Journey update? *looks at the calendar* Goodness, it is!


Well, to begin, I again tried submitting a poema real poem this time, not prosebut it was rejected. This was my first official rejection! Now I get celebrate and cry all at once. I am a little disappointed, of course

So I did try. Poetry isn't my strong suit, so I'm not going to be hard on myself. Rejection and acceptance is the life of a writer.


I've written two articles that I might try to submit to another site. Just as a sneak peek, they are titled "The Precious Gift of the Bible" and "True and Everlasting Joy." If they're publishedor rejectedyou will get an update that month! Hopefully, I'll submit those sometime in June. I need to tell myself to stop procrastinating and start trying!

You might have noticed that I added a page to my blog: “Published Works.” This is where I’ll post anything I’ve published outside my blog, whether it’s guest posts for other blogs, or sites that accept my work. Don’t worry about missing anything on that page; you’ll get a monthly update if I’ve added anything.

That being said, this week, I wrote a guest post for another blog! I will post it on the Published Works page on my blog as soon as possible!


To begin, I don't think this month has been my most productive month for writing my novel. I’ve been really busy, but I managed to make a new milestone. If you’re reading this post, you’re one of the first to know!

A Candle in the Window
 Status: Rough Draft
Page Count: 285
Word Count: 100,002
Chapter in Progress: 46
Part in Progress: Part 3

You probably didn’t see the milestone, but I’ll point it out because I’m super thrilled about it!

Word Count: 100,000

Why is this so exciting?

First, I look up to published authors whose books are two to four hundred pages long. They inspire me to write my own full-length novels! To get this far is amazing!

Second, when I was writing the first edition of A Candle in the Window, here were the stats:

A Candle in the Window
Page Count: 69
Word Count: 23,271
Chapter Count: 21

As you can see, there is a vast difference between the old book and the new novel. (I just noticed something… “Novel” means “new,” and my novel is the new version of A Candle in the Window!)

I never knew I could make my book this long…and I'm not finished yet. Of course, I have to remember that this is a rough draft. Who knows? I might (and probably will) cut out a few unnecessary and boring scenes, thus taking away several hundred or thousand words from my count. That’s not a big deal, though. I want my novel to be as interesting and captivating as possible.

You’re probably curious about what my novel is about. The plot keeps changing a tiny bit here and there. As soon as I come up with a synopsis, I will share it! Meanwhile, I will tell you about my book in two sentences:

When Katie Stevenson loses her father, she wonders why God took him away. But God's plan turns out to be greater than she ever could have imagined.

I have been working on A Candle in the Window since September 2017. That’s when (I believe) I had the first inspiration to write this book. Since then, I’ve taken off with the idea, and I can’t wait to see how God uses it!


I hope to complete the rough draft of my novel in the next one or two months. Then I plan to edit for a little while. After that, I'll set it aside for a time while I work on my next book (plans for that one are already forming in my head!). When I feel ready, I'll come back to A Candle in the Window with a fresh mind and do some crazy editing!

let’s chat!

What have YOU accomplished this month? What do you hpoe to accomplish next month? Tell me about it below!

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