My Writing Journey | June 2018 Update

by - February 10, 2019

Hey, all! Thanks for joining me for another My Writing Journey update!

June went by quickly! During our busy summer schedule, I've been trying to write as much as I can. My consistency has been slacking a bit, but a few words here and there (or even a bit of planning) will help my novel in the long run. :)

Anyways, here's the monthly update of:


This month, my dad and I worked on the article "How to Have True and Everlasting Joy." I will possibly publish it on this blog in the future!

The second article that I mentioned last month is called "Don't Take the Bible for Granted" (previously titled "The Precious Gift of the Bible). This article has the message of the play I was in this past March, called No Place to Flee.

Guess what?!
 I have some exciting news about that article!

It was 
accepted!!! TheRebelution will publish it next week! This is the first time that something I've written has been accepted, and I'm thrilled about it! I'll post a link to it on the Published Works page on this blog as soon as it's up!

Thanks to my dad for editing the article with me three evenings a couple weeks ago before I submitted it!

And a special thanks to God! As I mentioned in last week's post, God gave me the inspiration to write this article by giving me a different part in the play (be sure to read that post to learn more!).

I wrote a guest post for another blog as well! That will also appear on the Published Works page next week!


Ideas for more articles are forming in my head, so I've been working a little bit on that. I hope to write another article for TheReb (as we abbreviate TheRebelution) soon.

(If you have an idea for an article that I could possibly write, feel free to give your suggestions in the comments!)

As always, your posts are coming weekly on this blog! It keeps me accountable to write something every week!


To emphasize how much my consistency/progress has been slacking, it used to take me 3-5 days to write 5,000 words. This month, I made a recorda bad one. It took me 11 days to write 5,000 words!

In these monthly updates, you'll get my good progress and my bad progress. This would be one of those bad ones.

But I've also had some good and exciting progress, too! I'm trying to wrap up the novel. I hope to finish the rough draft by August!

Here's the update of my novel:

A Candle in the Window
Status: Rough Draft
Page Count: 368
Word Count: (roughly) 129,000
Chapter in Progress: 59
Part in Progress: Part 3


Because I have so many chapters in my novel, I think I am going to lengthen the chapters. So far, each chapter is 2,000 words and 5-6 pages (average). Having so many chapters is kind of driving me crazy! During the editing process, I'll probably lengthen them so I have fewer chapters. (That makes me excited just thinking about it!)

let’s chat!

So what about you? What have you accomplished this month? What do you hope to accomplish next month?

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