My Writing Journey | April 2018 Update

by - February 09, 2019

Hey, everyone! I'm super excited to share with you what God has been doing this past month (and a half) in My Writing Journey. The end of March and month of April have been amazing!

Well, I've already shared with you about the prose I tried submitting (you can read that post here). Other than that, I've been working away on blog posts and continuing my novel! I'm going to update you on my novel progress now.

A Candle in the Window
Status: Draft
Pages: 236
Word count: 83,996
Chapter in progress: #37

I'm currently working on Part 3 of 3 in my novel. Since last updating you on My Writing Journey, God has helped me get through Parts 1 and 2 (rough draft, of course). Before beginning Part 3, I knew I had to go back to Parts 1 and 2 to quickly edit in order that the book would flow better. Although I had outlined this novel, more and more ideas kept pouring into my head, which eventually meant I had to change something previously said in order for the whole book to make sense.

So I was able to get that done, which was awesome! Then I began Part 3. Starting with chapter 31, I've written through chapter 34. My MC (main character), Katie, is now married and beginning her life as a teacher. She's taking the place of the teacher who injured himself. Until he recovers, Katie gets to teach, which she's been longing to do forever!

Actually, I've been documenting my progress with this book (starting on March 20, anyway). Here you go!

  •          3/20/18—Reached 45,000 words (Part 2).
  •          3/22/18—Reached 50,000 words
  •          3/25/18—150 pages (53,954 words)
  •          3/26/18—Reached 55,000 words
  •          3/30/18—Reached 60,000 words
  •          (3/31/18—Didn’t write, because I was sick.)
  •          4/1/18—Reached 65,000 words (and 180 pages)
  •          (Beginning of April: Finished Part 2. Edited Parts 1 and 2 in order to get ready for Part 3.)
  •          4/12/18—Reached 70,000 words (194 pages). Finished roughly editing Parts 1 and 2 in order to get ready for Part 3.
  •          4/15/18—200 pages
  •          4/18/18—Reached 75,000 words

If you look closely, you can see that I've been writing like crazy! I wrote 5,000 words in 4-5 days. Why am I telling you this? I'm not bragginglet me start there! Quite the opposite: I'm here to encourage you! (Note: I don't remember how much writer's block I had during these "writing sprints.") This is the product of consistency. (I wrote a lesson about consistency which you can check out here.)

If you continue to write consistently, you will make progress.

Now, I've been writing for years. Maybe you're just starting out. In that case, don't worry about writing 1,000-2,000 words a day and reaching 5,000 words a week. Start small, and you'll get there one day.

Writer's block is trying to keep me from writing Part 3. I'm not a perfect writer, but I'm not giving up, either. This quote keeps me going, and I hope it will encourage you, too.

My first draft will be (and already is) horrible. But it's a start. I'll edit it later. Right now, I'm "shoveling sand." The sand castles will come later.

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope this post encouraged you!

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