A Candle in the Window | Prologue

by - February 09, 2019

 Yes, today I am going to share the PROLOGUE of my novel, A Candle in the Window! Enjoy!


Katie skipped along the sidewalk, her bonnet bouncing on her back, carrying her schoolbooks in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other. Mama would love these! Katie bent down and picked the dandelion from the ground, adding it to the bunch. As she neared their cabin, Katie froze.

“No! No!

It was Mama. Katie’s heart pounded furiously inside her. What was wrong? Mama hardly ever cried. The last time she cried was when Papa lost his job at the mill and agreed to the dangerous task of delivering the lumber to a rich familyeven through a snowstorm. Katie wondered when he would return. She didn’t think it would take six months to deliver it and come back. But why was Mama crying now?


Katie’s heart nearly stopped, then started beating violently again. Had something happened to Papa?

Katie burst the door, not bothering to take off her boots. She scanned the cabin, searching for Mama. When she entered Mama’s bedroom, she stopped.

Mama was sobbing uncontrollably, clutching a piece of paper to her chest. She rocked back and forth, hugging the paper tighter, before finally looking up and noticing Katie. Still weeping, Mama held it out to Katie. Hesitantly, Katie took it and began to read:

Dear Mrs. Stevenson,
I sincerely regret to report that your husband, George Stevenson, died on February 21, at 7 p.m. He was freezing and starving by the time we found him by the wagon. I did all I could, but it was too late . . .
It was too much of a shock. Papa was dead? Tears blurred Katie’s vision until she couldn’t read anymore. The world instantly seemed to stop; Katie could hardly breathe. Then, suddenly, all Katie’s emotions let loose, and she began to weep inconsolably. She ran into Mama’s arms, and they held each other for a long while, sobbing together.

Finally, Mama pulled away, placing her hands on Katie’s shoulders. “He was a good man, Katie,” she said, her voice shaking. “And we’ll never forget him. Thank the Good Lord that we have each other.” Mama tried to regain her composure, but it was no use. She burst into tears again, wrapping her arms around Katie and holding her close.

Katie was so stunned by the news that she couldn’t think straight. Her world had suddenly turned upside down.

During the next week, friends came by the apartment to offer their condolences. Mama graciously accepted the meals and let herself be comforted by her friends.

But Katie stayed outside in the garden, alone. She didn’t want anyone to see her cry, even if it was over her father’s death.


Katie spun around. There stood her best friend, Paul Murphy. Katie quickly wiped her face with her hands. “W-What do you want?” she asked him sharply.

“Just to see how you’re doing,” Paul answered. He stepped closer.

“Well, you’ve seen me,” Katie snapped. “Now go away.” She turned her back and waited for him to leave. But he didn’t.

“Katie, we’ve been friends for a long time,” Paul told her. “Can’t I do anything to help?”

“No!” Katie felt the tears rising again. “Go away!” She took off running down the street. Paul didn’t follow her. When she reached the end, Katie stopped for a moment to catch her breath. She watched as Paul went back into the cabin, head hanging low.

But Katie was determined that he wouldn’t see her cry—even if it meant hurting his feelings.


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What did you think? Can you relate to Katie? What are YOU writing right now? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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  1. Okay, that is super sad!! Sounds like my kind of story, though. ;) Break their heart and then show me how God can heal. And can’t we all relate a little to not wanting to let others see us cry, especially when things go really deep? My WIP is...well, still in need of a real synopsis, but my working blurb on my website says “a small-town police officer, a teenage daughter desperate to know her father’s story, a wounded Airborne Ranger, and the dog that brings them all together.” It has a bit of its own hidden tears aspect XD

    1. Thank you, Kassie! I love what you said! "Break their heart and then show me how God can heal."
      Aww! Your book sounds so cool!! Is it a novella or a novel or something like that?

    2. It’s a novel. It’s my second novel, actually, and though they are completely different stories, there are a lot of similar aspects—I can see how it’s a very similar story, although I’m not sure how much of that anyone else will see. This is my WIP page about it ;) https://soldiergirlstories.com/index.php/books/work-in-progress/

    3. Neat!! (I will have to look at that later! :D)