5 Writing Tools I Love to Use | Part 1

by - February 10, 2019

Today, I've decided to give you a short run-down on what I use in my writing. I'll tell you what I use when I write, and hopefully you will find some of these tools helpful and maybe incorporate them in your own writing!

Here are 5 of the main tools I love to use in my writing.


I enjoy writing on the computer more than handwriting. I blame my bad handwriting on my writing (okay, it's not that bad). My brain works faster than my hand does, so my handwriting is often sloppy when writing quickly. I also give my writing credit for having a good WPM (words per minute). Writing on my computer has definitely improved my typing skills! Needless to say, it's also much quicker to write and easier to read. ;)


When I do end up handwriting (I wrote the entire outline of my short story, The Story of Christmas, by hand), I love using the journals from Frecklebox! I have about five of these journals, and I've been devouring them! They are well-made, hardback, and personalized! They also come with a ribbon so you don't lose your place while writing.

B6 is also a great notebook size for writing.


I don't know how I would survive without mechanical pencils! I literally use them for ev-er-y-th-ing! They're the best! I especially love these two sizes from Paper Mate mm, which you can order from Amazon: Paper Mate 0.7 mm and Paper Mate 1.3 mm.


I use Microsoft Word for (almost) all my fiction writing on the computer. I used to be a pantser, but I am actively working to change that. That said, as a pantser, I was unorganized, so I had several Word documents open that have notes, discarded writing, bits and pieces of outlining, images for my WIP, timeline for documenting my progress, and my actual WIP document.

Whew! If I outlined, I probably wouldn't have so many documents open when I write! But for pantsers, this is a good way to keep organized. (In Part 2 of this post, I'll give you a more detailed look into these documents.)


Google Docs is an amazing program by Google, and I use it for almost all my non-fiction writing. If you have a Google account, it's free!

I love Google Docs because I can share my writing with others
whether letting them view, comment/suggest edits, or co-edit. I get so much helpful feedback from my writing community with the convenient Google Docs.

* * *

So there you have it! These are the 5 main tools I use when writing. In a few weeks, I'll give you a further breakdown into the documents I have open in Microsoft Word when I write. If you're a panster, you'll want to stick around. ;)


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What do you like to use when you write? Have you tried any of these tools? Which are your favorites?

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