4 Ways to Share Your Faith While Playing Sports | The Rebelution (+ ANNOUNCEMENT)

by - February 10, 2019

Today, I am excited to share with you an article that I got published on The Rebelution! This article was one of the hardest ones to write. I submitted it, but then the editor asked if I would make a few tweaks.

This resulted in my changing almost the entire article! However, I'm really grateful for her advice, because now, the article is so much stronger and more powerful, and I hope it encourages you.

How many of you are involved in extracurricular activities, especially those that aren't Christian organizations?

But even if they are Christian organizations, most likely not all of the members are Christians. My article gives you four ways to share your faith while engaging in these extracurricular activities.



let’s chat!

What are you involved in? Have you ever thought about how to share your faith during these activities? Did the article give you some insight?

A big thank you to everyone--YDubbers and my dad, especially--who has helped me with my articles on The Rebelution!

* * *

And now for the second part of this post:


The Young Writer's Workshop is opening registration IN TWO WEEKS! If you've been reading my posts, you've probably heard me talk about YWW/YDubs/my writing community/etc. This is the place! This is the real thing!

YDubs--as we abbreviate it--has changed my writing life! It has given me confidence to move forward with my dream to become a published author. It has given me the tools and encouragement and instruction I need. Overall, this place has just been an amazing addition to my writing life.

Please check out more information HERE!

If you are signed up for Brett Harris' email list, you might have received an email about registration opening from last summer. And one of the emails might have been from a teen named Julia.

Well, that teen was me! Here is my testimony from that email six months ago: 
. . .

Hi, my name is Julia. I am a 14-year-old girl with a passion for writing.

A year ago, that's all it was--a passion, a dream that I hoped to fulfill when I got older.

But you know what? I'm starting to fulfill that dream now--as a teenager.

What changed my mind? What got me on the right road to success and fulfilling my dream?

The Young Writer's Workshop.

This workshop is completely self-paced, as you've heard Brett say. While folding laundry, I find myself listening to lessons in the Content Library and getting awesome advice!

But that's not the best part...

The Young Writer's Workshop has a community!

The YWWC (Young Writer's Workshop Community) is the place where you hang out with other writers. Now, the community is not meant to distract you from your writing, but all writers feel discouraged and unmotivated at some time or another. You can post that you're feeling discouraged, and soon, Ydubbers (as we are called), respond to encourage and pray for you!

It's a fantastic community!

There's also a space specifically for asking our instructors. This space has been very helpful to me (and to all of us, really). There are so many awesome questions and answers that I've found myself keeping a list of links for referring back to them later!

Before I joined the YWW, I always had the idea and dream of getting published one day.

The truth was, I had no idea how. The entire process just sounded so complicated and unrealistic for me. I'm a teenager! Sure, other teens have done it, but certainly I can't...right?


Brett, Jaquelle, and three other AMAZING instructors (as well as other Ydubbers!) are there to help and guide me through my writing journey, so I now have "permission to dream again"! Instead of only being passionate about writing, now I am pursuing it!

After joining the YWW, I have 1) started a blog, 2) guest-posted on two other blogs, 3) gotten an article published on TheRebelution.com, and 4) completed the rough draft of my first full-length novel.

I'm not saying all this to be prideful. I'm telling you this because it IS possible to become a successful writer at a young age!

BUT you need to know how. Writers can't write alone. They need support, feedback, and guidance.

So what do you need to do right now?

You--yes, YOU--can get started on the road to publication TODAY!

So what are you waiting for?


Join the wait list so you can be notified when registration opens!
I hope to see you inside the workshop! :)

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